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Our state has significant failures in education, transportation and job creation.  She understand the challenges we face and will work hard across party lines to give real solutions instead of political ones.

  • Schools.  Michelle credits her teachers at Tracyton Elementary, Central Kitsap Junior High and High School for changing her pathway in life.   Over the last two decades, there has been an attrition in our dollars reaching the classroom and a greater emphasis on using those dollars to grow administration and cumbersome student testing.   She is devoted to refocus those dollars to the classroom and improve our educational system so every child has an opportunity to succeed in our state.

  • Use transportation dollars more efficiently. Rather than asking voters for more gas taxes, let us invest in some common-sense reforms that increase accountability and yield more dollars to put back into our roads, bridges and ferries.

  • Health care.  Dr. Caldier comes from the health care industry and understands insurance, regulations and the needs of the medical community. Michelle is devoted to working to improve quality and access to health care for our citizens.

  • Increase college opportunities for our graduating students.  As an Affiliate Professor at the University of Washington, Michelle saw some student's tuition double while they were in school.    Children today are graduation college with high student loan debts and many are unable to find gainful employment to pay those debts.   Student debt loads need to be reduced and their education should reflect the demands of the economy. 

Michelle always has an open door policy.   If you would like to schedule an appointment with her, please email her at: michelle@michellecaldier.com.