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Michelle serves on the House Education Committee and helped put reforms and historic investments in place involving the McCleary solution. She taught at the University of Washington for over a decade and is a strong advocate to fully fund special education and fix the gaps in funding for foster youth.


Since Michelle has been in the legislature, state revenues have increased without the addition of new taxes. She has fought to protect your wallets from taxes like a state income tax, increased property taxes, and a carbon tax.


Prior to serving in the legislature, Michelle was a dentist who devoted her practice to care for the nursing home population and homebound individuals. She serves as Assisted Ranking on the Health & Wellness Committee and introduced and passed legislation to fight against healthcare monopolies and unfair insurance practices to reduce healthcare costs and increase provider options.


Since sworn into office in 2015, Michelle has fought for historic investments in our community. She helped bring millions of dollars back to the 26th District to support projects like keeping the USS Turner Joy in Bremerton, creating a new facility for the Gig Harbor FISH Food Bank, building the Mustard Seed Project’s Senior Center in Key Peninsula, and putting in a new Splash Pad at Gateway Park.


Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Michelle understands the challenges they face in Washington state because she was a small business owner for 16 years. A healthy economy keeps people employed and increases opportunities for families to succeed.

sexual assault

Michelle is a sexual assault survivor and understands the unique challenges people face after they have been victimized. That is why she passed legislation to provide access to rape kits in hospitals and notification to patients when healthcare providers are disciplined for sexual misconduct.

Michelle always has an open door policy.   If you would like to schedule an appointment with her, please email her at: michelle@michellecaldier.com.